Truman Family Genealogy


The following is a transcription of the genealogy of the Quaker Truman family as written down by George S. Truman in the early 1900's and passed down through my family.  He apparently supplied much, if not all, of this information to the publishers of the Smedley Family Genealogy of 1901.  I have inserted punctuation only where necessary.  Keep in mind that the original document was hand written by George Truman when he was in his 80's and is based on his notes and memories.  The parts of the document that are damaged and unreadable are indicated with ____________.  When I was unable to decipher the spelling I indicated it with (?).  The original document can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format (3.0 MB) by clicking here. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader can be obtained here.  Please feel free to email me with any information or links applicable to this branch of the Truman family.  Also please send me any corrections in spelling, etc. that you find;  I am sure that some of my interpretations are in error. 


A variety of family documents, photographs and memorabilia can be found at the Swarthmore College Friends Historical Library filed under Truman Family and Truman-Underhill Family.  Of particular interest are the "Account book of James Truman, coppersmith 1781-1796" and letters and notes by Dr. George Truman from 1840 on.  There is also an interesting story by George S. Truman concerning his work with the Underground Railroad.  You can access a copy of it here. For the history of my branch of the Truman Family that incorportes George S. Truman's genealogy click here.


Don Truman

Victoria, Texas



A Genealogy of the Truman Family 1715-1902

(As compiled by George S. Truman, circa 1902)


Richard Truman of Salisbury England, son of Thomas Truman, married Martha Bayley at Chippenham Meeting 8 mo. 10th 1710.  She was the daughter of Wm Bayley and Susannah S. Keater who were married 2 mo. 3, 1671 the above taken from a list of marriages in Wiltshire England.  Richard Truman with Martha his wife came from England with several children in 1715 and settled in what is now Montgomery Co. Pennsylvania by deed Nov 17th 1716.  Stephen Jenkins of Springhead in the Township of Abington and Abigail his wife and Elizabeth Jenkins, widow of Wm. Jenkins conveyed to Richard Truman of Cheltenham Township (a weaver) for £105 a plantation of 140 acres known by the name of Springhead which was close to Abington meeting.  One 3 mo 19th 1719 Richard Truman and Martha his wife mortgaged the property to Wm. Harmer as an indemnity.  In the 5th mo. 1722 Richard Truman became of Gwyned Meeting by certificate with his wife and and mother-in-law who’s name is not mentioned.  He probably settled in what is now Bucks County where he purchased 212 acres of land on the Menokegee Creek in Olney Township.  Here he made his will 4 mo. 20th 1729 which proven 3 mo. 14th 1730.  Tradition says that on his way to Philadelphia with _______________to returning to England he was taken ___________________________ death __________________________or all of the _________________________22nd 1758 aged __________________will he mentions following children: 

Thomas (2) born about 1705 in England supposed to have been a half brother of the others.  William (3), Susannah (4) and James (5).

(2) Thomas married Ann Bolton 9/29/17(?).  In 1751 settled in Sadsbury Chester County Pennsylvania, a tallow chandler by trade & died in 1788  Their children Sarah (6), Susannah (7), John (8) Thomas (9) and William(10).

(3) William died in Philadelphia in 1732 unmarried.

(4) Susannah married in 1737 John Guest.

(5) James Truman born about 1717 died 3/10/1790 age 73.  Married 7/16/1743 at Haverford Meeting Mary Llewellyn daughter of Morris Llewellyn of Merion Township.  She received a certificate from Haverford to Philadelphia 1/8/1744.  On 2 mo. 28th 1755 they obtained one from Philadelphia to Haverford with 4 of their children and on 11 mo 10th 1758 returned again to the city.  Their children were Richard (11),

Morris (12), Evan (13), James (14) & William (15).

(6) Sarah Truman of Thomas died young.

(7) Susannah Truman of Thomas married 10/15/1761 George Cooper.  One daughter Ann (15½)

(8) John Truman of Thomas born 8/26/1739 in 1761 married Rachael Moore daughter of Andrew Moore of Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  She was born 3/12/1741 died in 1828.  Their children were Rachel (16), James (17), Susannah (18), John (19), Sarah (20), Rebecca (21), Ann (22), Rachel 2nd (23).

(16) Rachel of John died young.

(17) James Truman of John married Elizabeth Dickenson, settled on Doll (sp?) Run in Sadsbury Township Chester County Pennsylvania.  He was born ?/3/1767 died 6 mo. 1849 having survived his 2nd wife who was Mary Hoopes.  The first wife had 5 children who were Mary (24), Rachael (25), Sarah (26),

Rebecca (27) and Eliza (28).

(18) Susannah Truman of John married Benjamin Yarnall 5 mo 1795.  She was born 9/13/1771.  She had 6 children Rachel, Jane, Truman, Rueben, Amos and Rebecca.  They are all deceased.

(19) John Truman son of John born 2/8/1774 died 1853.  Married Amelia Paxson and settled on part of his father’s farm in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  Left one son Joseph Truman.

(20) Sarah Truman of John married Jas (sic) Dickinson.  3 children Rachel, Mary and Jane.

(21) Rebecca Truman of John was born 9/3/1778.  Remained single and was living on the old homestead in 1858 in the 82 year of her age.

(22) Ann Truman of John married Charles Wallace, had 8 children and resided in Fallowfield Chester County.

(23) Rachel Truman 2nd of John died single.

(9) Thomas Truman, Jr. married Sarah _____ He died in 1831.  He had 4 children David (29), 

William (30), Hannah (31) & Elizabeth (32).

(10) William Truman of Thomas married in 1777 Susannah Fevrce (sp?) as his 2nd wife.  Had 3 children Ruth (33), Ann (34), and Susannah (35).  He had a mill at Coatesville, PA and died in 1821.

(24) Mary Truman of James (17) married Levi Coutes of Chester County.  Their daughter Phebe married a Barnard and left several children.

(25) Rachel Truman of James married Jesse Moore.

(26) Sarah Truman of James married Warwick Miller, Jr.

(27) Rebecca Truman of James married William Lukens.

(28) Eliza Truman of James married Nathan Walton.

(29) David Truman son of Thomas (9) married Ann Fleming.  Their children ________, Louisa, Sarah, & Thomas.

(30) William Truman of Thomas married Sarah ______.  Their children were Thomas, Hannah & Mary.

(31) Hannah Truman of Thomas married Benjamin Gilbert.  Their children were John and Elizabeth.

(32) Elizabeth Truman of Thomas married ______ Strode.

(33) Ruth Truman of William (10) married John Forsythe.  Children James & Truman and others.  Truman Forsythe died suddenly 2/21/1900 age 77.

(34) Ann Truman of William married James Forsythe.  Children William, Susannah, Elizabeth & others.

(35) Susannah Truman of William married James Yearsley.

(15½) Ann Cooper of Susannah Truman Cooper (7) was born 7 mo. 7, 1768, married 1/17/1799 Abner Gilbert one of the Indian captives.  They settled in Westmorland County Pennsylvania.  She died 11/12/1846.  Their daughter Eliza Gilbert, born 7/11/1799 in Sewickley, PA married Joseph Cope of East Bradford, PA 4/6/1838 and died 5/18/1867.  Their son Gilbert Cope married 2/5/1880 Anna Garrett, daughter of David Garrett and Mary Ann Hoopes.  He is the compiler of several genealogies and much of this information was obtained from him.

(11) Richard Truman, son of James (5) married 6/15/1774 Abigail Estey daughter of Moses Estey of Redington, NJ.  She died 7/12/1775.  He afterwards married Rachael daughter of Thomas Sykes of Charleston, SC.  Ther children were Mary Sykes Truman, Isabella Truman, Thomas Sykes Truman (died 1 mo. 1851), Abigail Truman.  All died single.  Richard was engaged in the lumber business and was well off, but by __________ lost a large part of his estate.  Was afterwards tax collector and died 6 mo. 4th 1813 aged 69.  His wife Rachel died 7 mo. 20th 1808 aged 52.

(12) Morris Truman was a paper maker at Darby, PA.  About 1806 he moved to Brownsville, PA.  He married Mary Sharpless and had 6 children.  James (36), Hannah (37), Joseph Sharpless (38), Mary (39), a son and Morris (40).  Morris Truman (12) died 1830 aged 81.  Mary Sharpless Truman died 1839.

(36) James Truman married Margaret Troth and died in 1848 leaving no issue.

(37) Hannah died at the age of 12 years.

(38) Joseph S. Truman died in 1850.

(40) Morris Truman, Jr. settled in West Chester in 1857 and we have lost track of him.

(12) Morris Truman and his sons built engines for the 1st steamboats on the Monongahela River  and the sons became steamboat captains on the Ohio River.

(15) William Truman son of James (5) was a bricklayer.  When 18 years old fell from a scaffold and was killed.



Descendents of Evan Truman


(13) Evan Truman of James and Mary Llewellyn Truman was a blacksmith.  Married 4/4/1782 Hannah Dubrce, daughter of William and Mary Dubrce of the Northern Liberties of Philadelphia.  She died 4/14/1846 aged 83.  They had 10 children

Mary Llewellyn (41) born 1/19/1783 died 5/5/1825,

Hannah Truman (42) of Evan born 3/31/1785

Susan D. Truman (43) of Evan born 3/31/1787 died 7/22/1860

Elizabeth Truman (44) of Evan born 3/31/1789 died 5/24/1881

Sarah Marten Truman (45) of Evan born 1 of 26/1790 died 5/16/1861

William D. Truman (46) of Evan born 8/30/1792 died at New Orleans

Evan Truman, Jr. (47) born 7/21/1794

John Bissell Truman (48) of Evan born 1/31/1797 died single

Ann Sansom Truman (49) of Evan born 5/14/1799 died single

Charles Truman (50) of Evan born 6/23/1802 died single

(42) Hannah Truman married Jacob Blackford of Wilmington, Delaware.  Their children, Sarah Ann (51), Elizabeth (52), Mary Llewellyn (53), George (54), Hannah (55), Johnnette (56) Blackford.

(51) Sarah Ann Blackford married Conrad Myers.  1 son, Conrad Myers.

(52) Elizabeth Blackford married Henry Mangan and lived at Salem, NJ.  Their children, Emma (57), George, Caroline, Hannah, Mary, Sarah, Clara and Henrietta.

(57) Emma Mangan married Samuel Stuart in 1857.

(53) Mary L. Blackford married Henry Walker in 1855.  Lived 8 miles from Hudson, NY.

(54) George Blackford married Patience Tash.  Their children, William, Henry, George, Clara, George 2nd and Walter _____.  Both Georges died young.

(55) Hannah, Jr. died in childhood.

(56) Johnette Blackford married Thomas H. VanMeter son of John VanMeter.  He died 6/15/1846.  Their child John Bunyan VanMeter is a Methodist Minister.  Johnette married a 2nd time Zerubabel Hullock of Long Island, NY.

(47) Evan Truman, Jr. married Elizabeth _____ no children.  His 2nd wife, Rosanna daughter of George Esoles.  Their children, Anna Maria, Mary Llewellyn, Rosanna and Charles Dubree Truman



Descendants of James and Phebe Moore Truman


(14) James Truman, son of James & Mary Llewellyn Truman born 10 mo. 3rd 1753 died 2nd mo. 20th 1826 was a coppersmith by trade afterwards a tin plate worker.  He married 5th mo. 3rd 1787 Phebe, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Smedley Moore.  Their children were Rebecca (58), Joseph Moore (59), Jeffrey (60), Susannah (61),  Richard (62), George (63), & William (64). 

(58) Rebecca died 10 mo. 3rd 1804 born 4/10/1788.

(64) William died 7th mo. 3rd 1800 aged 4 mo.

James Truman’s second wife Mary Pearson born 1/29/1763 who died 12 mo. 17th 1833 leaving no children.

(59) Joseph Moore Truman born 11 mo. 17th 1790 died 4/80/1872.  Married 5 mo. 15th 1817 to Sarah daughter of George and Mary Toplin Shaw.  Their children were James (65), George Shaw (66), Alexander Shaw (67), Mary Shaw (68), Phebe Moore (69), Joseph Moore, Jr. (70), Sarah Shaw (71), and Llewellyn Truman (72).

(65) James Truman born 9 mo. 21st 1818 died 11 mo. 1st 1859.  Married 2 mo. 28th 1850 Adaline Wood of Cold Springs, NY.  They left no children.

(66) George S. Truman born 6 mo. 24th 1820.  Married to Susan Yardley Knight 4 mo. 5th 1848.  She was born 8 mo. 31st 1826 died 11 mo. 4th 1891.  Their children were John Jackson (73), Joseph Llewellyn (74), Jane Johnson (75) and Hetty Knight (76) Truman.

(67) Alexander Shaw Truman born 2/27/1822 died 5/26/1894.  Married 10 mo. 25, 1849 Lydie Smith daughter of Edward B. and Sarah S. Garrigues.  She was born 3/18/1824 and died 1/20/1902


(14) James Truman was a coppersmith by trade.  This being so much connected with distilling that he changed to tin plate working.  He was of a mechanical turn and inventive genius.  (He) took out two patents, a stove and a steam washer.  When the market houses were extended from 4th street, he drafted a plan which included a box in which the hooks & (?) were stored after market hours to guard against accidents.  The plan was accepted by the city.  He and his brother Evan were among the original members of the Harmony Fire Co. organized 8 mo. 24th 1784 at Friends 4th St. meeting house.  There were 28 members, many of whom became quite prominent in society afterwards.


Joseph Moore, father of Phebe Moore the wife of James Truman above, was by trade a shoe maker.  In conjunction with his wife they opened a dry good store on Bank Street (running from Market St. south between 2nd and 3rd Streets) where they were enabled to realize a competency notwithstanding their hospitality.  It is said that at yearly meeting time they lodged 30 Friends though the house was not a large one.  When friendly looking persons came into the store, Sarah was very apt to find that they were relatives and insisted on their taking a meal with them.  The lot on Arch St. which they held by purchase and inheritance was sold during the revolution to Samuel (?) for ₤50 Pennsylvania currency.  In later life when he saw the great advance in real estate, Joseph Moore much regretted having made this sale.  After the Revolution, at the reorganization of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society in 1784 he became a member and for some years was on the committee to visit the prisons in search of such colored persons as might be committed legally or otherwise on the charge of being fugitive slaves and to insure them a fair trial.  At the organization of the Prison Society he became identified with it also.  He always made his own shoes, taking plenty of time that they might be well seasoned.  After Congress removed to Washington, he usually paid a visit to that city during its’ sessions.  On such occasion he entertained some of the members by stating that his shoemaker was his barber, his barber was his taylor (sic) and probably he mentioned some other accomplishments so that they thought his shoemaker was a very useful man.  He had patterns by which he cut the material for his coats, vests and pants and made them up himself.  His white Beaver hat, according to a fashion with many Friends, had the fur immediately above the brim brushed smooth, the upper part being left rough.  When his grandchildren the Maddocks were left orphans they were brought to his home and cared for.  He died 12th mo. 25th 1817 in his 77th year.


(59) Joseph Moore Truman of James when young attended the School of Benjamin Cathrall on Arch then Mulberry Street which prepared him for early entering his father’s shop to learn tin plate work.  Being of an inquiring mind and having a good memory, he read considerably in scientific and mechanical works and was well versed in (?) chemistry.  Soon after reaching his majority he joined the Harmony fire company and for some years was quite active being at his death the oldest honorary member.  In 1816 he planned an engine which the company ordered built by Perkins and Jones at a cost of $900.00.  When the company became members of the Fire Association in 1820, Joseph M. Truman and Benjamin Parvin were chosen delegates.  He also took an active interest in other bodies and was one of the earliest members of the Franklin Institute.  In 1818 he united with the Pennsylvania Abolition Society in which his grandfather Joseph Moore had been so useful.  When the more modern movement of Wm Loyd Garrison was started, he engaged in it with much earnestness.  (He) was president of one of the societies about 1834 and his wife was one of the original members of the Female Anti Slavery Society.  He was chosen a Manager of the Pennsylvania Hall when its’ erection was decided upon and so continued until its’ affairs were settled, it having been burned by a pro-slavery mob.  Although a great admirer of Henry Clay’s financial policy, yet in 1844 he found that he could not support him (a slave holder) and therefore voted for Birney & Morris and continued on the side of freedom till his death.  He as well as others of the family had an inventive talent.  He originated a  peculiar shaped nail extensively used by tin plate workers at that time.  In 1831 he took out a patent for leaded tin plate for roofing purposes but directly after it was announced British manufacturers shipped over leaded sheets at a greatly reduced price.  He and his brother George who had become his partner patented a lamp, the original of the Solar lamp which had a very extensive sale about 1840 to 50.  They being also associated in the expressing and refining of oils and lard, experimented on cotton seed producing an oil sweet and nice as olive oil and had it on exhibition at the fair of the Franklin Institute about which time the Free Trade Convention met in Philadelphia and Chief Justice Marshall and the other Southerners attending were elated over the discovery and it was quickly heralded through the South.  A company was projected in Camden, NJ and a lawyer named Foxhall dispatched to make arrangements for a supply of the seed but his report was that while hitherto the seed had been considered a nuisance it could not now be purchased at any reasonable price for manufacturing.  One of the bottles of oil was stolen from the exhibition and deposited in the Patent Office, evidently to prevent the issue of a patent.  Numerous inquiries were made as to the process of manufacture but as no compensation was offered the secret was never divulged.  Joseph M. Truman served as a member of the Guardians of the Poor, the Board having charge of the Alms House as well as the out door relief.  When residing in the District of Spring Garden he was elected by the Whig party to fill an unexpired term in its Board of Commissioners. 


(65) James Truman of Joseph was a machinist by trade and in his latter years worked in the West Point Iron foundry opposite Cold Spring, NY


(66) George Shaw Truman at the age of 14 went to reside in Delaware County Pennsylvania to learn the business of a farmer at the home of John and Rachel Jackson.  After his marriage he settled on the farm connected with the Sharon Boarding School where he remained for 5 years removing thence to Wayside in Upper Darby, the property of John Sellers.  Here they staid (sic) 2 years then moved to Loudoun County Virginia to take charge of the boarding department of the Springdale Boarding School founded by Samuel M. Janney, but owing to the feeling then existing in the South on the subject of slavery, they remained but one year when they returned to Pennsylvania and for several years he was engaged as farmer, teacher and clerk.  In 1870 he removed to Nebraska to accept a position as farmer at Santee Indian Agency under the administration of Friends.  Here he remained 5 years when a change of administration deprived him of his position and he removed to a farm which he had purchased in Platt County where he has since made his home.  Here he served 2 years as a member of the County Board and for 17 years as Township Clerk and 21 years as Director of his school district besides being an active member of the Religious organization with which he is connected (viz the Society of Friends).  His wife was the most efficient and active agent in procuring the funds for the erection of the meeting house where Genoa monthly meeting is held which is built on the corner of the home farm and where Nebraska ½ year meeting is held in the fall of each year.  The following (?) left by her will be of interest as showing the different places in which they lived and the time spent in each.  Calmia near Sharon 5 years.  Wayside 2 years.  Virginia 1 year.  Sharon 1 winter. Woodside from May to March.  Garrigues place from March to August.  The meeting house dwelling 1 year from August.  The Steel house from August to April in the old Brooks house for nearly 5 years then to Philadelphia 1620 Coates St. for nearly 5 years then in the 9th month moved to 1540 Swain St. for 1 year then to Santee Agency for 5 years to Platte County where she lived for 16 years.


(67) Alexander Shaw Truman was in the hardware business for 40 years commencing in Callowhill St. moving thence to Market and afterward to Arch St.  At the age of 68 he became blind but learned to read by the raised letter system, also to do plain crocheting having made several Afghans for his friends.  Having a cancerous affection on the side of neck he requested that his body should be cremated and his remains were interred at Laurel (sp?) Hill.


(68) Mary Shaw Truman was one time the principal of the school held in the Globe Mills on Cohocksink Creek.  Afterwards a teacher in Friends Central School but for more than 30 years carried on the dry goods business at 839 Callowhill St.


(70) Joseph Moore Truman, Jr.  From very early life he was a cripple being partially paralyzed in the lower limbs yet he was always active in getting around by means of crutches.  For a short time he followed the business of tailor having completed his education in the Central High School of Philadelphia, graduating in one of the earliest classes and as was natural to him always cherished a warm regard for that institution and its’ alumni.  Later in years he became a partner in the ice business with Charles Carpenter and still later in the same business with Aquilla Linville.  Since 1883 he was connected with Friends Publishing Co. as cashier and bookkeeper and so remained until the time of his death.  From his early years he was a strong anti-slavery advocate and a warm sympathizer with the oppressed people of color.  He was elected a member of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society in 1853 and in 1861 was made one of its secretarys and served as such for 40 years when his declining health obliged him to give it up, though he remained a member of the Board of Managers until his death.  He was one of the founders of the Pennsylvania Peace Society organized in 1866 and he was one of those in 1867 who organized Friends Publishing Association.  In 1871 he was one of the organizers of the Mutual Aid Association of Friends.  His warm interest in historical matters relating to Friends led him to promote the formation of Friends Historical Association in 1873.  In this work he was joined by a number of Friends of both bodies  This Association continued in active existence until 1890.  He was one of the first to take a warm interest in the First Day Schools of Friends and in this interest he visited nearly if not all the Yearly Meetings and often expressed his gratification in having been thus privileged to extend his acquaintance with Friends elsewhere.  He was engaged many years in the work of the Mission School of Friends at Fairmount Ave and Beech St.  His manners and tastes were simple.  He was glad to give of that which he could spare from his own modest means for every good work which appealed to him.  Few persons are more promptly generous in proportion to their means than he and few have given more of their time and ability to the promotion of worthy undertakings.  He had a great love for genealogical research and much of this compilation is due to his energy and patience in such compilation.


(71) Sarah Shaw Truman was for many years connected with Mary A. Shaw in the china business at 7th and Arch Streets.  She was also actively engaged in many of the works of benevolence which marked her brother Joseph’s character.


(72) Llewellyn Truman learned farming and afterwards learned the trade of broom making which he followed for several years when he became a salesman in the store of his employer in the wooden ware and house furnishing business where he remained until his death which was prematurely engendered by service in the Home Guard during the Civil War.




George Shaw, father of Sarah wife of Joseph Moore Truman (59), was a Scotchman.  Born at Craigtoun near Glasgow in the Parish of Down in Scotland.  His father Alexander Shaw was a blacksmith and is said to have worked in the shop where the Watts engine was built.  George was a cabinet maker and came to America about the beginning of the revolution.  At the battle of Germantown (he) so exposed himself in cooperating with the Americans as to impair his health and eventually to cause his death from consumption.

He was s strict Presbyterian and whilst thinking that Friends were a good moral people he did not hesitate to say that their salvation was impossible, nevertheless on his death bed he was so far convinced as to request his wife to join (the) Friends if she so desired.  After the Revolution he sent for his brothers and sisters whose descendants are numerous in Western Pennsylvania.  His wife Mary Toplin was the daughter of David Toplin who with his family emigrated from Germany and settled in (?).  His mill being swept away by a freshet they went to Philadelphia where he and his wife died soon after leaving very little means.  Mary Toplin found a home in the family of Isaac and Sarah Parrish and became very much attached to them.  Sarah’s health being somewhat impaired after the birth of her son Joseph (who became on eminent physician) he was placed with Mary Toplin Shaw to nurse along with her own cot (sp?) born.


(67) The children of Alexander S. and Lydia S. Truman, Sarah Josephine and Elizabeth Garrigues Truman.  Sarah Josephine (77) born 10/4/1850 died 4/23/1859. 

Elizabeth Garrigues (78)Truman born 10/12/1852.

(68) Mary Shaw Truman born 1/4/1824 died 1/19/1887

(69) Phebe Moore Truman born 12/24/1825 died 3/7/1826

(70) Joseph M. Truman Jr. born 8/7/1827 died 2 mo. 1902

(71) Sarah S. Truman Jr. born 8/14/1829 died 1/12/1881.  She was married 1/25/1871 Davis Furnas of near Waynesville Ohio, son of Seth & Dinah K. Furnas.  No children.

(72) Llewellyn Truman born 10/1/1832 died 7/22/1865.

(73) John Jackson Truman was born 4/28/1849 died 5/12/1896.  Was married 8 mo. 27th 1884 to Mary Elizabeth Manchester, daughter of Samuel and __________Manchester of Florence, Oneida County NY.  Their children were

Mary S. Truman (79) born 8th mo. 4th 1885

Cora Truman (80) born 12 mo. 29th 1886

Florence Truman (81) born 12 mo. 25th 1888.


(74) Joseph Llewellyn Truman born 4th mo. 9th 1852.  Married 10/16/1880 Mariana Birdsall daughter of Benjamin & Deborah H. Birdsall of Lincoln, Virginia.  Their children

Llewellyn Edgar Truman (82) born 9th mo. 8th 1881

George Benjamin Truman (83) born 7 mo 11th 1885

Marian B. Truman (84) born 11 mo. 30th 1888.


(75) Jane Johnson Truman born 11 mo. 27th 1859 married 9/20/1879 to William Hunter son of Joseph and Frances Brownlow.  Their children

George Truman Brownlow (85) died in infancy

Gertrude Isabella Brownlow (86) born 4 mo. 23rd 1881

Alexander Truman Brownlow (87) born 3/16/1883

William Kellow Brownlow (88) born 2/16/1885

Ralph Hunter Brownlow (89) born 5 month 1887

Truman Yardley Brownlow (90) born 2/10/1890

Arthur Wade Brownlow (91) born 11/27/1892

Helen Frances Brownlow (92) born 12/6/1894

Alta Molin Borwnlow born 1896


(76) Hetty Knight Truman born 7 mo. 21st 1863


(78) Elizabeth Garrigues Truman married 10/8/1873 to Edwin M. Boring of Philadelphia.  Their children

Lydia T. Boring (94) born 9/15/1874

Catharine G. Boring (95) born 5/8/1877

Alice M. Boring (96) born 2/22/1883

Edwin G. Boring Jr. (97) born 10/23/1886


(95) Catharine G. Boring married 9th mo. 29th 1898 Howard Edward Rondthaler of West Salem, NC.  Their child Theodore Edward (98) born 8/5/1899


Edwin Boring Sr. served in the Civil War as 1st Lieut. Of 79th Pennsylvania Vol.  In 1865 he entered the drug business and became a partner with Edward B. Garrigues at 10th & Fairmount Ave.  Howard E. Rondthaler was educated at the University of NC and is a Moravian minister


(61) Susannah Truman of James & Phebe born 6/21/1792 died 1/25/1862 married George Baker 5/19/1815.  He was the son of George and Hannah Baker of Dublin Ireland.  He was born 7/12/1792 and died at Donaldson, LA 9th mo 1830.  2 children

Hannah Baker (98) born 5/12/1816 died 12/3/1897.  Single

James Truman Baker (99) born 10/19/1818 died 8/25/1886 married Sarah Thomson 11/7/1847.  She was born 12/12/1816.  Their children Annie Sloan (100) and William Harris (101).


(100) Annie S. Baker born 6 mo. 19th 1849 married 7/6/1881 to Howard Sharp.  He was born 9/24/1853 died 4/17/1893.  2 children

Alice Gornley Sharp (102) born 12/18/1853 died 8/12/1886

Ruth Clement Sharp (103) born 3/19/1889


(101) William H. Baker born 6/10/1857 married 10/15/1891 to Alice Troth daughter of Wm. J. Troth.  She was born 4/21/1864.  Their 2 children

William Harris Jr. (104) born 10/20/1893

Eleanor Troth Baker born 10/31/1894


(60) Jeffrey Smedley Truman of James & Phebe learned the business of a sliver smith.  In 1819 he removed to Waynesville, Ohio where he taught school for several years, then he engaged in merchandising and moved his store to Bellbrook next to Transylvania where he engaged in keeping a hotel for travelers.  In 1834 he removed to Franklin, Ohio where he followed silver smithing for 3 years then he returned to Transylvania where he laid out a town on some land he had purchased but when the railroad was built on the other side of the Little Miami it took the town across the river to Springvale.  At intervals he kept the home which he owned, worked at his trade and taught school.  In 1848 and 49 he was a paymaster in the army and aided in settling claims arising out of the Mexican War.  He lost his membership with Friends by his marriage, was a Democrat in politics at the time of his death but was an anti-slavery man as well as a strong advocate of temperance.  He had attended a course of medical lectures at the Transylvania University in Lexington Kentucky and received a medical diploma but he never practiced much.  He was named for Jeffrey Smedley but he never used the middle letter in his name.


George Truman son of Jeffrey settled at Spring Valley and followed blacksmithing from 1850 to 1882.  (He) was a hardware merchant from 1882 to 1895.  Owned two farms and a dwelling in town, had held the offices of Justice of the Peace, Mayor, Township Trustee, Treasurer, Town Councilor, is a member of the ME Church and a Democrat.  During the Civil War was a member of the National Guard and was called into service for a brief period.


Elvira daughter of Jeffrey Truman was engaged in teaching school from 1859 to 1868.  After the death of her first husband she returned to Spring Valley, Ohio and again taught school from 1878 to 1888 removing then to Gallatin Montana in 1883.


Arthur Truman of Jeffrey is a farmer at Spring Hill Montana, has served as a Justice of the Peace and a member of the third legislative assembly of Montana.




(60) Jeffrey Smedley Truman born 11/11/1793 died 1/1/1851 married Esther daughter of Joshua Gilpin of Philadelphia.  Moved to Waynesville, Ohio.  She died 8 mo. 13th 1821 age 27 years.  One son Thomas H. Truman (106) born 8/3/1821 died 10/8/1883

Jeffrey (60) married Dorothy Isam 7/17/1823.  She died 1/7/1826 age 24 years.  One son Joseph Moore Truman (107) born 1825 died 2/6/1872

Jeffrey (60) 3rd wife 8/3/1828 in Spring Valley, Ohio, Jane Elam.  She was born 4/13/1810 died 12/27/1894.  12 children  Their children

Angeline Truman (108) born 5/23/1830 died 9/27/1858

Isabella M. Truman (109) born 12/6/1831 died 9 mo. 27th 1846

George Truman (110) born 3/1/1833

Julianna Truman (111) born 9/26/1834 died 7/30/18?5

Elvira Truman (112) born 11/6/1836 in Earren County Ohio

Corilla Truman (113) born 3/25/1839

Alphonso Truman (114) born 8/27/1840 died 4/29/1842

Arthur Truman (115) born 2/9/1842

Emma Truman (116) born 10/14/1843 died 9/6/1844

Jane Truman (117) born 4/16/1845 died 9/9/1861 of consumption

Henrietta Truman (118) born 1/28/1847

Elam Leonidas Truman (119) born 12/19/1849


(106) Thomas H. Truman married Mary Rhodes 3/14/1850 and lived in Covington, Indiana.  Has 3 sons.  He was a cabinet maker.

Lewis Truman (120) born 3/11/1851 married Lillie Stauffer 4/26/1888

Henry Truman (121) born 10/3/1856 married Eva Wright 3/24/1886

Ernest Truman (122) born 7/19/1859 married Grace Gertrude White 10/2/1889.  One child Ruby Myrtle Truman born 1/18/1891


(107) Joseph Moore Truman of Jeffrey married Dianttia (sp?) Snow.  He lived at San Jose Cal and was a carpenter by trade and had 10 children.


(108) Angelina Truman married 6 mo. 5th 1856 Job Lashley.  Had 2 children Isadore Bell Lashley (133) born 3/12/1857 & Joseph Llewellyn Lashley (134) died in infancy.


(134) Isadore Bell Lashley married 9/5/1883 to Rufus Squires.  Their children are Arthur Squires (135) born 8/14/1884 & Angelina Squires (136) born 10/27/1891


(110) George Truman married 9 mo. 17th 1857 to Charlotte Simpison.  She died 10 mo. 13th 1866 of consumption.  (Their children) Ida Jane Truman (137) born 6/27/1858 died 4/26/1880 & Horace

Truman (138) born 3/6/1860 died 11 mo. 1866 from effect of a pebble in ear.

George Truman married 2nd wife Elvira Fisk 9 mo. 1867.  Their children are Minnie Truman (139) born 6/14/1868 died 10/13/1875 of lock jaw, Joseph Llewellyn Truman (140) born 2/19/1870 living at Columbus Ohio in 1897, Abigail Cora Truman (141) born 3/5/1874 died 12/6/1876 of croup.  George was for several years mayor of Spring Valley.


(112) Elvira Truman married 1/21/1869 Wm. Hatfield.  He died 12/16/1877 Centerville, Ohio.  Later she married Henry Reding 3/19/1889 in Montana.  No children by either husband.


(113) Corilla Truman married 10/18/1860 to William Milton Scarff.  Their children are

Josephine Scarff (142) born 9/29/1861 died 10/11/1861 spasms

Albert Scarff (143) born 7/17/1864 died 8/14/1864

Luella Augusta Scarff (144) born 8/16/1865 married 10/14/1896 William S. Morris.

Fannie (sp?) K. Scarff (145) born 9/21/1867

Truman Merrill Scarff (146) born 10/6/1875 single

Fannie (sp?) K. Scarff married 9/14/1893 Moses Edmond Evans of Bellbrook Ohio.  1 child Don Scarff Evans.


Children of Joseph Moore (107) and Dianttia Truman


(123) Volney Herman born at Red Wing, Minnesota 12/11/1850.  He is living at Avalon Catalina Island Cal.  Single


(124) Ida Corilla born 1862 married in Kansas City 6/6/1893 Wm. Lyle Reynolds.  One child Wm. Edmond born 7/27/1895


(125) Herbert Washington born in San Jose Cal 2/22/1856 married in Soquel Cal Delilah Crab 7/4/1895.


(126) George Isham in 1897 was living in Drexel Cass County Mo.


(127) Josie Moore married J. Corwin and said to be at Flag Staff Arizona


(128) Mary Emma, (129) Viola Olivia and (138) Chas. Isham all died in Minnesota young.


(131) Cora May and (132) Frances died in San Jose Cal

Note, there is a street in San Jose named “Truman”.



Jeffrey Truman’s Descendents Continued


(115) Arthur Truman was married in Montana in 1888 to Sarah Crouse.  Their children

Joseph K. Truman (147) born 11/18/1889

Ida Ruth Truman (148) born 11/15/1892


(118) Henrietta Truman married 11 mo. 21st 1867 to William Adams.  Their children

Edna Amelia Adams (149) born 10 mo. 1868 died 12/26/1886 of consumption.

Byron Lee Adams (150) born 7/24/1870 single


(119) Elam Leonidas Truman married 9/30/1875 to Clara M. Warren.  4 children 2 died in infancy.

Lyman Warren Truman (151) born 7/1/1888

Springer Truman (152) born 7/19/1893



Richard Truman’s descendants


(62) Richard Truman son of James and Phebe Moore Truman was born 6/8/1795 died 9/9/1822 at Pensacola, Florida.  Married Martha Jeanes who died 8/29/1822.  Their children

Rebecca Jeanes Truman (153) born 4/24/1819

William Jeanes Truman (154) died 4/13/1821 aged 5 months

Rebecca Jeanes Truman married ________ Malin.  They live at Bordentown NJ and have several children.


(63) George Truman of James at the age of 15 was apprenticed to William Garrigues as a carpenter.  When of age jhe joined with a number of Friends to form a settlement on the borders of Lake Ontario, NY but returned to Philadelphia 2 years later.  Subsequently he carried on his trade in NY City but his health there was not good and about 1826 he took charge of Friends School at Abington.  He was acknowledged as a minister by the Monthly Meeting of Philadelphia in 10th mo. 1829 after which he made many religious journeys including his interesting visit with John Jackson to the West India Islands.  His business engagements between 1828 and 1837 included a partnership with his brother Joseph in the manufacture and refining of oil and subsequently in tin plate working and roofing.  About 1837 he studied Dentistry and subsequently began the practice of that profession.  About 1845 he graduated as a physician.  A memorial of him by Philadelphia Monthly Meeting says his practice as a physician, a profession which he entered about the middle period of his life, introduced him to the homes of many of the poor and lowly to whom his services were freely tendered.  To these he was especially a ministering spirit both to their physical and spiritual necessities.  His intercourse with these tended to broaden and liberalize his views and sympathies and led him often to the acknowledgement that in every nation, he that fearth God and workth Righteousness is accepted of him.



George Truman's descendants


George Truman, born 6/26/1798 died 11/21/1877.  Married Catharine _________ 10/4/1821.  Their children

(157) James Truman born 12/22/1826 at Abington, PA

(155) Mary M. Truman born 8/4/1822 died 12/28/1899

(156) Anna Truman born 2/__/1824 died 2/4/1893

(158) Sarah P. Truman born _______/1829

(159) Catharine H. Truman, Jr. born 6/4/1832

(160) George Truman, Jr. born 4/1/___ died 9/23/1879 single


(157) James Truman married Mary A. McClintock 1/13/1852.  She died (in) Hanover, Germany 1/24/1880.  His 2nd wife Julia A. ______.  Married 12/4/1884.  His children by his first wife

(161) Elizabeth Phillipa Truman born 7/17/1854 died 4/19/1863

(162) Mary Anna Truman born 4/20/1858 died 4/14/1863

(163) Howard James Truman born 11/14/1864 died 12/11/189__


(156) Anna Truman married Henry M. Laing 6/25/185__.  Their children

(164) George T. Laing born 5/1/1860

______M. Laing born __/25/1857

Mary Truman Laing born 4/_______died 12/2/1863 age 1 month


(158) Sarah P. Truman married Benjamin Underhill 4/3/1856.  Their children

(166) George Truman Underhill born 8/25/1859

(167) Benjamin Mott Underhill born ___/29/1863

Benjamin Underhill, Sr. died ___/18/1894 age 66


(159) Catharine H. Truman, Jr. married John P. Townsend.  No children.  Married 4/26/1873.  John P. died 6 mo. 18th, 1898 age 75.


(163) Howard James Truman (son of James) married Elizabeth G. Scranton 12/26/1888.  Their child

Mary Truman born 2/3/1890


(165) Catharine M. Laing married Ellis Leeos Spackman 6/1/1898.  Their child

Ellis L. Spackman, Jr. born 6/20/1899


(164) George L. Laing married Catharine Waterman 1/22/1895.  Children

Charles Waterman Laing born 1/4/1896

Arthur Randolph Laing born 3/31/1898


(166) George Truman Underhill married Willa Wright 7/2_/1893.  Their child

Lillian Underhill born 5 mo. 12, 1898


(157) James Truman of George became a dentist and practiced for a time in Philadelphia.  He removed to Waterloo, NY (and) again returned to Philadelphia.  In 1876 he removed to Germany and practiced in Frankfort and in Hanover returning to Philadelphia in 1880 after the death of his wife.  He is at present Professor in the Dept. of Dentistry in the University of Pennsylvania and editor of the International Dental Journal.


(163) Howard James Truman of James spent 4 years in study in Germany, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1886, was teacher of Latin at Friends Central School, Philadelphia, (and) was the author of a book of Poems entitled "Echoes" published in 1896.  His widow is the Matron of the Southmore Preparatory School.